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   ReHash - A Free Console-Based Hash Calculator

ReHash is an easy-to-use console-based hash calculation tool written in standard C++. It may be freely distributed and modified under the terms of the BSD open source license.

The tool is compilable under Windows and Linux.

It supports many algorithms, for example Adler32, CRC-16, CRC-16-CCITT, CRC-16-XMODEM, CRC-32, ELF-32, FCS-16, FCS-32, FNV-32, FNV-64, GHash-32-3, GHash-32-5, GOST-Hash, HAVAL (3/4/5, 256), MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, Size64, Tiger, XUM32. For a full list see the ReHash documentation manual (included in downloadable package).

It is possible to compute the HMACs of all algorithms.

The tool can output the hashes in various formats like plain text, HTML, XML and CSV.

ReHash can be fully configured using some of the many command-line arguments which can be passed to the tool. You can selectively activate/disable hash algorithms and set scanning options like scanning subdirectories recursively and excluding/including files using advanced file pattern matching.

For more detailed information, see this page.

For a project summary, see the project summary page on SF.net.

Getting ReHash

Get the latest version of ReHash here: [ReHash download page]

ReHash development

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